We design space and objects starting from materials, light, sound, proportions, and connections. Research, innovation, and excellent collaborations are part of our open and inclusive studio culture, which is attentive to the impact of projects on the environment and the well-being of people. In recent years, the most important research themes have focused on retail, new housing models, new materials, and AI in the design process.

Giuseppe Leida

Giuseppe Leida (Milan, 1974) founded GLA Giuseppe Leida Associati shortly after graduating in Architecture from the Polytechnic University of Milan in 2001. It has now become an architecture firm with a strong multidisciplinary culture, focused on projects that prioritize the quality of built spaces, environmental sustainability, and the well-being of people, without neglecting the formal aspects that strive for simplicity and essentiality.
The 2015 project for Panino Giusto’s headquarters was nominated for the Gold Medal of Italian Architecture. The studio’s passion and expertise in design have led to the creation and production of several collectible pieces.
In 2018, Giuseppe Leida founded SUPERNORMAL Studio, a collaborative group where architects, designers, and graphic artists work with a particular focus on retail design.
Driven by a passion for research and dissemination, Giuseppe regularly serves as a scientific speaker, addressing topics related to retail and the use of more sustainable materials in architecture and design.

2015 MdO / INTERNI

The Gold Medal of Italian Architecture aims to promote contemporary architecture as a creator of environmental and civic quality. It also emphasizes architecture as the product of a vital dialogue among the designer, the client, and the construction industry. The Gold Medal of Italian Architecture serves as an active reflection on the role of the designer and their works, with the goal of public dissemination in Italy and abroad of a new heritage of constructions and ideas. Simultaneously, it periodically assesses the state of Italian architectural production, its directions, issues, and emerging actors.