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In our architecture studio we value three fundamental aspects: the culture of the project; knowledge of traditional and innovative materials to be used consistently in the project; the use of innovative methods to stimulate creativity, improve the representation, prefigure the result. In this sense we have been studying AI applied to our sector since 2022. Today our work has started using some of the best known tools that apply AI to creativity and visualization such as MIdjourney or Stablediffusion. This episode of our podcast represents the first note of some of the most interesting experiences we will have and would like to document.

On May 19, 2023, Arturo Tedeschi, architect, independent researcher, writer, and computational designer, and Neil Leach, researcher, writer, and visiting professor at Award University, organized the first conference “The AI Design Revolution – Artificial Intelligence in Architecture” at IUAV in Venice, as part of the MADI Master in Digital Architecture program.

We are conducting research on the most widely used AI tools such as Chat GPT, Midjourney, and Stablediffusion. The future of preliminary and final design will certainly rely on these tools. The quality of widespread architecture can improve, but the greatest danger lies in convincing ourselves that we have all become as skilled as our references, without understanding that project control primarily depends on finding a contract and a client, and ensuring quality throughout the executive and construction phases, as well as production.

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